Gross negligence by Goathland Hunt

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Regarding your article about the Goathland Hunt and Moppet the cat, Bill Dobson, chairman of the Goathland Hunt, said Moppet’s death had been ‘regrettable’!

It’s ore than regrettable! It’s devastating for the family and gross negligence on the part of the hunt.

Mr and Mrs Atkinson will probably never get over it.

This was an 18-year-old pet who should have been able to enjoy her final years in peace.

The hunt should be taken to court and made to pay dearly.

Not that any amount of money will make up for her, this murder of an innocent pet, but the hunt, hopefully, would be more careful in future.

This incident illustrates again that they cannot control the hounds and is another reason why hunting with dogs should be banned.

K Frost, Glen Esk, Ruswarp