Greedy developers have a lot to answer for

It seems that the developers are once more trying to cover our green and pleasant land with bricks and mortar.

At the same time the people who live in the centre of town are complaining about seagulls roosting on their chimney pots.

I have a great deal of sympathy for these people but the culprits of this nuisance are once more the developers aided by the Scarborough District Council Planning Department.

Not very long ago, on the banks of the river, there stood the derelict remains of the old Whitehall Shipyard and rising up from the river were the rails of the slipway whereby boats were once hauled out of the water to be repaired.

It was here that flocks of seagulls would settle to roost and they also nested in the remains of the old buildings.

Not only were seagulls to be seen here but other birds also found it a safe retreat.

I have seen Kingfishers skimming across the water, their bright feathers leaving a flash of blue in the air behind them and sometimes a few herons would fly down from upriver looking for a fishing ground only to be chased away by gulls.

Squirrels swung through the tall trees here and foxes and badgers hunted through the undergrowth.

The area formed a small but safe nature reserve and should have been left so.

It may have looked unsightly but it was part of Whitby’s history.

However the developers moved in and built a set of high rise flats there on the edge of the river.

There was now nowhere for the seagulls to go except into the town and the other small birds and the animals had to also find somewhere to live.

These greedy developers already have a lot to answer for without adding to their sins.

A friend of mine, Janet Bord, once wrote in one of her books “Any act which separates mankind from nature, starves the soul and diminishes the ultimate well being”. This is a philosophy with which I thoroughly agree.

Edna Whelan, Ingham Close, Sleights