Get Whitby Sorted

After living here for the past nine months I am really fed up of being referred to as a ‘poor relation’ to Scarborough.

I have no doubt that we don’t get our fare share of the council ‘pot’ but really do we have to keep on harping on about it - surely there are enough of us here to make some kind of impression ourselves.

We have lots of businesses and I know that we are all struggling but sometimes we just have to bite the bullet and get of our high horses and do something with out Scarborough Borough Council.

Look at the Christmas tree in Pannett Park. It’s lovely and all that but how many of us actually knew about the ‘lighting’ of the lights so we could go.

The tree in Whitby itself - how many of us knew about the lights there either ‘til we were told on the Whitby Gazette website - after the event.

Was there a carol service in the town square this Christmas? I don’t know - and if there was, why was it not advertised and if there wasn’t, why not?

We have Goth week (and fantastic it is). We have Folk Week which is also fantastic, but all for visitors who come and spend their money - what about ourselves doing something for ourselves.

What about around the town fancy dress for everyone one New Years Eve. There must be a local band or two who could come out (for free) to see us all on our way into 2013.

The town could do so much for itself, for free, if we could just get our act together.

We need to stop thinking of ourselves and talking about ourselves as the ‘poor relations’ and get working on making our lovely town and exciting vibrant place to be when the visitors are not here.

Come on Whitby residents.

We can do this.

Perhaps as the local paper you could get a ‘Get Whitby Sorted’ committee up and running. I am sure I am not the only one who feels we can do more without having to rely on Scarborough to do it for us.

Helen Weaver, Esplanade, Whitby