Get the diggers in

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I have read with great interest the many and varied letters in the Whitby Gazette regarding the proposed York Potash Mine at Sneaton.

The main objections seem to have come, understandably from the national park authorities and the hospitality/tourism industry, who fear a big decline in visitors to the area if the project goes ahead.

It may have escaped the notice of the many participants in this discussion that something quite remarkable has happened on the Fylingdales Moor, during these debates, ie The Fylingdales Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station has somehow disappeared off the radar.

May I bring the publics attention back to this carbuncle in the midst of our beautiful national park. It is a monstrous pyramid constructed at the highest and most visible position in the area. It is surrounded by an equally visible triple razor wire security fence, patrolled twenty four seven by armed police and guard dogs. This construction has dominated the moors for half a century, and provided secure employment for thousands of local people during this period.

Has this carbuncle driven away all the tourists to the area, has it cost the local economy multi- million pounds in lost revenue? The answer is a definite no. Instead it has provided local employment, pumped millions into the local economy and guess what folks, it is a major tourist attraction.

Now let’s compare this “carbuncle” with the proposed potash mine at Sneaton, which according to the plans that I have seen will be mainly underground and screened with earth and trees and will be invisible to the majority of passing traffic.

I doubt it will become a tourist attraction like the Early Warning Station because it will be well hidden. However it will thankfully provide much needed employment in the area and pump millions into the local economy.

What more do we want? The tourists and visitors will still come to the area to view the carbuncle on “Top-O-Fylingdales-Moor-Bah-Tat”. So have no fear all will be well - get the diggers in.