Get potash work progressed

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I cannot understand why there is so much objection to the potash mining starting.

The managers have been working with the NYM planning officers to get all the details in order before submitting the planning application.

Planning must have also been given for the bore holes in the first place, so if the potash was found, there was bound to be an application for the mining to start, so the first application should have been turned down if no more progress was to take place.

Talking the size of this site, I only work in acres not hectares (hectares had not been heard of when I went to school) so whatever the size it has been well planned out of sight.

I have driven past the site on many occasions and there is very little to see even now, before any screening has been planted, and any wildlife that there may have been in that location will now be living on the outskirts and because it is a green field site there will be no rare plants.

Once mining starts there will be very few large lorries going in and out of the site because all the brine will be transported in the pipe line. The pipe line may be the biggest upset, but once that is completed there should be very little to worry about.

If all the work force that is talked about gets a start, it will certainly help the unemployment situation in the area, so let’s get the planning application granted and the work in progress.

Yeoman Williamson, Front Street, Grosmont