Get community lads to rake the grass in the cemetery

I have had to put pen to paper to complain about Whitby Cemetery.

Myself and my daughter and granddaughter have been to Whitby today and I went to my mam and dad’s grave.

I was in shock when I saw it as you could not see the grave and the flowers for grass.

I had to get on my knees and tidy it all up before I could put my flowers on. My back ached as I am a pensioner.

We washed it all down and put the flowers on and it looked nice. Why don’t they get some of these community lads to rake the grass up?

As you still have to think of the dead, I think a lot about my mam and dad.

I have complained about the Whitby Cemetery three times. I have also had my photo in the Whitby Gazette as well.

The cremated area is spotless.

Mrs S Wheatley, Chestnut Bank, Scarborough