Gas exploration is old news

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I have read with great interest Emma Spencer’s report about the proposed gas exploration near Westerdale.

This I know has being going on for sometime, but nobody has pointed out that this is not something new.

I think that oil and gas was found in the late thirties in this area and a major gas field was tapped into in the early 1960s at Aislaby, this was then piped down to the Whitby gas works.

I started working for the North Eastern Gas Board in 1965 at the gas works.

The processing plant being used was one of the first to be built in Britain and gave Whitby the first natural gas to be used in England.

The well had to be shut down around 1969 due to contamination of oil and brine been brought out with the gas causing great production problems bringing production to an end.

I was once told by one of the engineers that there was plenty of gas and oil out there, the problem at the time was getting it out and transporting it.

Now 40 odd years on technology has advanced, surely it must be possible to get these much needed products out and piped away even the National Parks cannot oppose this can they? Or would they prefer wind turbines?

Nick Boyes, Church Street, Helmsley