Frustrating car parking problem

It was with great sympathy that I digested the contents of Mrs L Elwick’s letter in your publication of 5 October concerning the inconsiderate parking of visitors to Whitby which I feel reflects badly on considerate visitors such as my partner and I who go to great lengths to park legally and sensibly.

However, the scenario which we were exposed to on our visit (which we do six times a year) was just as frustrating in our parking problem.

In order to spend the day in Whitby sightseeing, shopping and having a nice meal and spending £100 at the various establishments between the ours of noon and 5pm, we had to pay £9 in parking meters on car parks owned by Whitby council. Many motorists who were parking as visitors just as we, were complaining about these disgusting charges which are a little more than racketeering.

How can the businesses in Whitby hope to attract visitors to spend money there when our pockets are picked as soon as we step out of the car.

And so Mrs Elwick there lies your answer as to why motorists are parking to avoid these horrendous costs. We already spend a vast amount on fuel to get there and put money into your economy.

Whitby Council has joined in the national culture which now pervades our country of robbing the motorist in anyway possible. Sadly we will never come back to Whitby but for you and your family in the future please speak up for them (think of the alternative).

Leslie Clark, Ebchester, Consett, County Durham