Friends of Whitby Swing Bridge

I am writing to you in regards to the alterations of the footpaths and general maintenance of the swing bridge.

Since the catastrophic breakdown of the bridge last summer, due to the mechanical sheering of the drive shaft to the gear box, I am pleased to see that Scarborough Borough Council has now replaced both gear boxes and hold a third in reserve.

A point I would like to make is that as well as the openings before and after high water of the bridge, there is another opening which is said would be used for only operational purposes. When I asked the man on the bridge about it he said this would be used for the purposes such as allowing the fisheries patrol vessel or the dredger through.

Through my personal experience and that of my fellow East side traders and friends, everyone knows the bridge is opened and closed for every yacht, marine user etc. This I feel has to stop and the people on holiday, sailing at sea, must come back and go out at specific times and not hold traders and the public to this inconvenience, at the wink of an eye and the nod of the head.

JJ Coope, Church Street, Whitby