Forgotten drinking fountain memorial

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Amid all the controversy about respect for the new war memorial at Dock End there is one Whitby memorial that everyone seems to have forgotten.

I am Whitby born and bred and am now in my late 60s.

Ever since I can remember there has been a drinking fountain made of pink polished stone standing at the west side of the bridge.

It has a plaque dedicating the fountain to the fallen of two world wars. This memorial is in a sorry state, having been disconnected from the water supply some years ago, it has gradually fallen in to a state of terrible neglect.

Maybe the powers that be are waiting for it to fall to pieces so that they can remove it. But as it is a memorial, and as letters have rightly expressed, the need to respect the memory of those who have died in conflict, perhaps it could be restored to its former dignity and maybe moved.

Another suggestion would be to polish the plaque to its previous gleaming brightness and mount it where the new memorial is situated.

Pat Pearson, Bagdale, Whitby