Food for thought

Whitby is full of eccentrics - it’s part of what makes the town so endearing and interesting to locals and visitors, UK and worldwide.

And if Whitby town councillor Simon Parkes wants to believe his mother was a nine foot green alien and that his wandering concentration while driving on the moor road is alien abduction (we’ve all done that - wandering concentration while driving I mean) well, good luck to him. It’s a free country, still, just about.

What I find staggering is that, in the full knowledge of these bizarre and frankly mind boggling bursts of self indulgent, imagination and publicity seeking (hats off to Simon, he’s very good at this) - the good people of Whitby still manage to put a cross by his name on the ballot box.

I’m truly flummoxed as to the reason for this.

Is it a) ignorance of his said claims, b) short sightedness, c) can’t read anyway, d) summat they’re putting in the corporation water, e) a growing rebellion/boredom against any other political parties barring Labour or f) maybe, just maybe, there are a lot more green nine foot aliens masquerading as Whitby townsfolk about than meets the eye.

Now there’s food for thought. And if the mysterious men in black he refers to are rival aliens from another planet somewhere in the cosmos is there going to be an almighty dust up at Dock End next Saturday night?

I’m not known for being psychic, but you never know.

Keep it coming Simon. We all need a good laugh in these drab and dismal economic times.