Fish with head torches?

I have just read Robert Goodwill’s denial of a governmental u-turn in the Gazette and have finally finished choking on my tea enough to type this.

He is still trying to justify his original standpoint that closure of Humber Coastguard outside of daylight hours is justifiable.

His reasons being that the vast majority of traffic off the Yorkshire coast is in the daytime, using charter boats and the Eske Belle as examples.

Has Mr Goodwill ever looked out to sea at night?

What the bloody hell does he think all those lights are will-o’-the-wisp? Fish with head torches?

Mr Goodwill has listed as an interest his ownership of a commercial ship which he leases to an operator.

I would be interested to know the skipper’s position on this and whether or not that boat ever operates outside daylight hours.

As an MP for our area how can Mr Goodwill so often fly in the face of what his constituents tell him and slavishly back his party line.

When the Conservative party were in opposition our MP was able to criticise the government’s position. Of late it seems that he now has his eyes on the prize and his true bosses (you and I) are now irrelevant.

I would encourage more people to check where there is an abundance of information about your MP from voting history to interests.

Robbie Stewart, Runswick Bay (by the coast!)