Fight for the future of healthcare

With regard to the York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust article in a recent Whitby Gazette.

Contrary to the statement that “there will be no existing members in the Whitby area”, I have to admit that I have been a member for the last eight years and I am sure that others who have received treatment at York Hospital will also be members.

As a current member, I would like to encourage residents to become members of the trust. The newsletters keep readers in touch with developments and events at the hospital, members can apply to become governors and also vote, and much more importantly residents will have a voice.

But, to be effective that voice needs to be loud and strong, to be loud and strong it needs all of you, the residents and potential patients, to join the trust and to become that voice.

So, if you feel strongly about future healthcare in Whitby and the surrounding district, don’t just sit there and hope someone else will do it, the only commitment on your part is to complete the membership form available at Whitby Hospital or contact the members helpline on 0870 7030151 or email the membership office at

This will open the doors for you to be part of the loud and strong voice that Whitby needs to fight for future healthcare provision.

Simples, if I can use the saying from the famous Meerkat.

Viv Wright, Helredale Road, Whitby