Fight for our countryside

I was interested to read your report concerning a cash boost for a geoscience centre.

I was even more interested to see Mr Goodwill’s comments - a very rare example of an MP being candid.

The huge incentive behind acceptance of the potash scheme has been the job creation.

Mr Goodwill appears to confirm what I had suspected, that there is no real skill base locally for the development and that the vast majority of workers would be drawn from outside the area.

One wonders if the development grant is to be used as an incentive to bring pressure to bear on the National Park authorities to push through this highly unsuitable developments, this would be in line with government policy.

Mr Goodwill should remember that he represents a rural constituency, not an industrial one.

So, come on Mr Goodwill, stop toeing the party line and fight for our beautiful countryside.

Joan Martin, High Hawsker by email