Face up to reality

Unlike Mrs B Jennison, ex-mayoress, Letter to the Editor 1st July 2011 I am not one bit angry at her comments about the interest of the Town Council at the beginning of my campaign to get the “Freedom March” in Whitby, I am however utterly amazed.

I first wrote to the Town Mayor Terry Jennison on 16 January by email.

He still has not replied to that letter.

If that is taking an interest from the beginning then I stand corrected.

After two weeks and many complaints by me to the Town Clerk I got a phone message from the Mayor Terry Jennison informing me that the Secretary should have answered my email and it was not his fault.

While I had him on the phone I grabbed the opportunity to push my idea of a town parade.

The Town Mayor’s response in a nutshell was simply “it’s not up to us, it’s up to Scarborough, and you’ll have to take it up with them”

Well if that’s an interest from the beginning from the Town Mayor then again I stand corrected

On 12 January I sent emails to all 17 Whitby Town councillors pointing out my dismay at their lack of interest in the project, only two of the 17 bothered to reply those two being Dr Stacy Daniels by Email and Councillor Mike Murphy by telephone both pledged to support the campaign.

Two out of 17, well if that is Whitby Town Councillors taking an interest from the beginning I stand corrected again.

So Mrs B Jennison, ex-mayoress, don’t be angry, take a close look at the facts, face up to reality and perhaps you may concede and stand corrected yourself.

James White, Rosedale Close, Whitby, by email