Evening bin collections - ridiculous idea

I have just read the comments from Councillor Amanda Smith about evening bin collections.

What an absolutely ridiculous idea, what planet does she live on?

We are all disturbed by the early morning bin collections but her alternative would be a total inconvenience to everyone.

It is in the evenings when most parents are getting their children to bed, it is in the evening in summer time when most visitors and tourists are exploring the town, it is in the evening when most of our council workers are finishing their days work.

What about the traffic congestion in the town on an evening when the bins are all over the streets awaiting collection, I think the idea has come from cloud cuckoo land.

Amanda Smith says if she was on holiday she would pack her bags and go home, well she is quite welcome to do that because like many more local councillors she is not Whitby born, too many outsiders descend on our town from outside and decide that they want to change it to suit themselves, if Amanda is not happy, just like ET and the other aliens she can GO-Home.

Jim White, Rosedale Close, Whitby by email