Employ unemployed to clean our cemetery

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With reference to the front page report today, Friday 19 October.

Now I have knowledge nor access to computers, lap tops, Facebook, etc, and am now extremely grateful, to those who have, and have used these mind-boggling items to express their disgust, dismay and sadness at the deplorable state of Whitby cemetery.

Having four close relatives’ graves to visit, I am appalled every time I arrive there.

Now after this week I will have five.

As the funeral cars approached our cemetery I became agitated, upset and ashamed as I recalled the state of it.

Also close relatives and friends from Nottingham and Leeds would also see the deplorable state of my eldest sister’s last resting place.

She lived for some time in Nottingham, but her wish was to be buried here in Whitby.

I hoped and prayed that they, her family and friends who have travelled here, did not note the dilapidated state of the place.

Many years ago before Thatcher split Yorkshire County, Whitby Cemetery was immaculate. Whoever lived in the cemetery cottage looked after our cemetery.

Mr Page, the Page family, then Mr Cowey (Joe), the Cowey family. These men and families were always working in our cemetery whenever we visited.

Now since ‘the powers that be’, Scarborough Borough Council are in charge of funds, our cemetery is left to God and providence and whoever visits to do their best to make at least their own relatives and friends’ last resting place clean and tidy, but with no tools or equipment, this is a hard task.

So now Scarborough Borough Council, at last, and because of these computers, lap tops, Facebook, not only Whitby, but many towns, cities and countries know of the deplorable state of Whitby Cemetery.

Therefore I suggest you employ a few of the unemployed.

Clean and tidy our cemetery and then give two of them a job for life.

Oh yes, I know all about the cut backs, but if you remove the benefit claimers then you must be saving, is that correct?

I am 20 years of age with 60 years experience and I think I have got that right.

Anyway, I will write to the member of government concerned, they will put me right no doubt.

Mary Marsden Storr, Runswick Avenue, Whitby