Emergency services are a credit to Whitby

After reading Fri 2nd Sept 2011 Whitby Gazette’s front page “Woman found beneath viaduct”, I had an almost Identical experience a year ago on 6 September last year.

I was out walking with my husband and dogs when I slipped violently down a railway embankment right against Larpool Viaduct.

I fell so fast and violently my right leg flew upwards at such a speed that my “fib and tib” both snapped.

I knew straight away that I’d broke my lower leg/ankle.

After calling the emergency services, they too had a job finding us as we were on the “wrong” side of the river.

When the paramedics arrived, they too were in danger of slipping, so a rescue team came and after a splint was fitted to my leg, they too faced a dilemma of how to get me out.

The last train was stopped as we were close to the line.

There was talk of bringing a Lifeboat up the river and bringing a helicopter.

In the end the paramedics managed to drive the ambulance over the viaduct.

After being strapped to a gurney and carried up a series of embankments I was safely placed in the ambulance.

I was taken to Scarborough Hospital and the following day had an operation which involved having metal bars, plates and screws fitted to my bones.

After spending a week in hospital, I was allowed home.

The point of my letter is to urge people to be very vigilant while out walking in the Larpool Viaduct area as it seems to be coming a bit of a black spot.

If I may, I wish through your newspaper to thank from the bottom of my heart the two lady paramedics and the lovely rescue team and other people who helped get me off that embankment.

You are all an absolute credit to Whitby and I urge people to donate to these rescue groups - air ambulance and lifeboats, as people don’t realise how much these wonderful angels do.

I’d also like to thank everyone at Scarborough Hospital for looking after me.

Hazel Tagg, Skegby, Nottinghamshire