East side neglect

After living on the East side of town for pretty much the majority of my life, it disgusts me to see the state that it is in.

I have been trying for the last three years to get a job for Scarborough Borough Council in and around Whitby cutting the grass and looking after the amenity areas, however to be told time and time again there are no vacancies.

If that is the case then why at the top and bottom of Abbots Road, up and around St Peter’s Road, The Ropery etc all the grass verges where when I was a kid we all used to sit and play are knee high deep with long grass, weeds, doc leafs etc??

It seems all the workers are too busy in Pannett Park and up Khyber Pass cutting the grass, I wonder why?

Maybe because they are tourist hotspots and they need to look clean and tidy to make a good impression.

I am not having a dig at the workers as I know they are doing their job, but why should it be the east side that only gets cut two maybe three times a year?

The playing fields are like jungles and the grass verges at road sides are an eye-sore.

Why spend money on new machinery - mowers, strimmers etc if they are not getting used?

Why not employ more people and get the very few green spaces in Whitby what are left looking neat and tidy.

No wonder kids can’t play anywhere because the grass and weeds are almost as high as them!

D Locker, Abbots Road, Whitby