Duchy of Lancaster

It’s appalling that the Duchy of Lancaster is being allowed to fleece people in the 21st Century.

Whilst they do re-invest some of the millions profit back into the area, what of the rest?

When is enough money enough for the Chancellor of the Duchy?

The Duchy claim it as their land, but how did they come by these pieces of England?

By forcibly taking it from ‘commoners’ centuries ago; they stole it.

The Duchy should be a non-profit organisation, enough revenue raised for legitimate running costs - wages for workers, upkeep of the area etc - but no more; no taking more rent than is genuinely needed.

There needs to be greater fairness and less tolerance of greed to balance society, the gap between rich and poor is being needlessly widened, to the detriment of us all.

MPs using the term ‘austerity’ to validate a reverse Robin Hood act.

If we really are ‘in this together’ why is it only the less well-off seeing their incomes and living standards slashed?

The Queen, admirably renown for her thriftiness, would surely not approve.

Joan Mills,

Stannington View Road, Sheffield