Drive stake into heart of blood-sucking monster

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Long before I came to Melbourne and was just a lad, born and raised in Whitby, we had a local government body known as Whitby Urban District Council that had nothing to do with a certain town 20 miles down the coast.

I was in no doubt about what that body’s duties were.

Now in the 21st century I read in the Gazette of this mysterious body called Whitby Town Council which seems to exist for the sole purpose of condoning everything proposed by Scarborough Borough Council to wreck the town of Whitby by letting my old home fall into mis-repair and even into the sea.

Please, someone enlighten me as to what this body actually does and if it has any powers at all to combat the forces of darkness from “the Queen of Watering Places“ as it so grandly notes itself.

Yours in hope of a modern day Van Helsing to plunge a stake into the heart of this blood-sucking monster.

Stephen N McCabe, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia by email