Draconian measures for gull feeders

Thank you for publishing the letter from Brian Trowsdale in the Whitby Gazette of 9 November.

It was good to see for once a letter in support of our lovely gulls.

Whilst I understand that to feed them could possibly encourage them to swoop on unwary people enjoying their own chips, it seems absurd to penalise feeders with the draconian penalties of £100 fine or the possibility of prison.

Notices should be quite sufficient - with just a polite word to any offender not reacting to this.

There is absolutely no justification for the utter rudeness suffered by the well meaning Trowsdales.

Like them I feel there has been a very strong cull this year - and I too am upset by this.

Unfortunately bird numbers are dwindling naturally nowadays, so the gull population will sort itself out without special measures and those remaining will still be there to give pleasure to their supporters.

Margaret Whitworth, Normanby Terrace, Whitby