Don’t let the fishing fleet die out

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My granddad, Robert Harland, and his father, and his father before him were Whitby fishermen.

How can you let your fishing fleet die out?

I live in Australia and just about everyone you meet knows of Whitby.

They talk of the beautiful fishing harbour, with boats stretching across the Esk and how exciting it was to be there in summer.

Read Dora M Walker’s accounts of Freemen of the Sea and They labour Mightily to see how hard these men fought to keep the fishing industry in your town.

It is your heritage Whitby.

On recent visits I have despaired to see all the old shops turned into Op Shops, where once families passed on their businesses to their children.

Beautiful buildings like St Michael’s Church and the Primitive Methodist Church pulled down – and for what?

Car parks?

All the fishermen’s cottages on the Cragg – pulled down, other fishermen’s cottages on Henrietta Street turned into holiday lets.

They should have been preserved for future generations.

Henry Freeman must be turning in his grave.

Anne Boston (native of Whitby), Western Australia by email