Dog mess puts off visitors

Councillor Amanda Smith really thinks visitors would be put off coming to Whitby because of early morning bin-collections? (Whitby Gazette - 10 February)

Maybe it’s just her? Can I suggest ear-plugs - which also block the ‘songs’ of errant herring-gulls.

Having lived near a city centre bar where glass was collected (illegally) at 4-5am every morning, I know it can be annoying, but normal refuse collection is nowhere near as loud, or as often, as that and surely anyone sensible just takes it as part of life, no big deal.

It’s certainly never put me or anyone I know off staying in Whitby; I’d never even considered it.

But what would deter tourists is the amount of dog mess on Whitby streets, gross! Any chance of any councillors doing anything about this (genuine) problem?

Amy Denby, Grange Road, Sheffield.