Dog mess problem

We’ve just spent a weekend in Whitby; the first time we have been.

We loved the resort but cannot get over the amount of dog mess everywhere!

We had our six small grandchildren with us and we spent the whole weekend avoiding the dog mess.

It was on pavements, park areas and when we walked on the paths down to the beach, it was on the grass at the side of the paths.

People obviously let their dogs mess at the side of the paths on the grass.

As you are aware, children will run on the grass and they continually stood in the mess.

We cleaned shoes and pram wheels all weekend.

Even in Pannett Park (a lovely park), our seven year old grandchild climbed up a ladder and got dog mess on his hands, trousers and shoes!

Somebody had obviously stood in the mess and transferred it to the ladder. We had to take him home to bath him and then had to throw the trousers away.

There are notices to say there are penalties for dog owners who let their dogs foul but the situation is obviously not monitored and punishments applied.

It would affect our decision to come to Whitby with our family again as it was such a problem.

I have never felt so strongly about this before to write about something like this appalling problem.

It is the worse place we have been to for this problem.

Please DO SOMETHING about it!

Kath Jordan, Allithwaite, Cumbria by email