Dog fouling is a problem

I am writing again about dog owners allowing their dogs to foul anywhere they want.

I know they all say they always clean up after their dogs, but this is just not true.

The fish and chip shop owners on Church street are forever always trying to keep outside, as well as their floor inside their shop clean and free of this horrible smelly mess.

And when we get it outside our doorway the same.

While I am on this same subject, I would like to mention also the piece of greenery which is now kept very nicely gardened and sponsored by Parkol, they take their dogs there at night and allow their dogs to foul there also.

I really do think licences should be brought back. It may cut down on the number of dogs in the town and more big fines given.

Maybe we could set up small groups of people around where people live to watch and have a number to report it, it may help.

I know it’s a hard task to sort out, but something must be done about it.

Mrs J Thornton, Church Street, Whitby