Do not force young families out of the area

As a local resident of Sneaton I would like to point out a few facts that many of the letters you are publishing at the moment are incorrect.

Firstly Whitby is not in the national park, the areas around are, so we must all get our facts correct before putting pen to paper.

The proposed site of the potash mine is in Sneaton parish which is in the National Park.

If the people that are complaining went to the consultation meetings they would get many of the correct facts.

Sneaton Parish Council held a public meeting four weeks ago, with the National Parks in attendance to explain the planning procedures etc.

Not one member of the public was present.

The majority of the parish are happy about how we have been kept informed and told about any changes that are going on.

We have got to look at the future of the National Park and the people that work and make a living here.

The farmers are getting older. The residents are getting older, do we not want new blood, new jobs and life in the parks and Whitby or do we just want a large retirement park with no village families, schools, shops, and pubs that these families will keep going for many years to come?

If the work is in the local area for them they will stay and be able to afford houses that many can’t today.

This is the life we want to kick start the economy locally.

That’s what this site of the potash mine will provide, so let’s all support this project like the village of Sneaton and keep the area alive.

Do not force our young families out of the area like is happening now, let’s get more local jobs, local housing and keep families in the area.

If we in Sneaton are doing this, where all the work is going on, and no major problems in the last one and a half years of work, so should the rest of the country.

Mike Shardlow, Beacon Farm, Sneaton