Do not confuse scooters with bikes

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Bikers made town into a ‘horror scene’

Having read this letter in the Whitby Gazette, dated 4 May, I felt I had to write in response.

Firstly, these machines were scooters, not bikes. Scooters have two-stroke engines which burn oil. It is this burning oil which creates the unhealthy fumes that Mrs Thornton speaks of.

If she would like to go to the car park next to the Co-op on a Thursday night she will see numerous bikes, but no smell!

She will also notice that the noise levels between scooters and bikes is completely different.

Please don’t blame the decent bikers of this town for something they haven’t done.

However, I do agree with your concerns about parking on the pavement. Why should people have to push their pushchairs on the road because some inconsiderate person has parked on the pavement.

Roads are for cars, pavements are for people. Let’s keep it that way.

Sheila Parker, Eskdale Road, Whitby