Disappointed by ‘job’ opportunities

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Does anyone else share my disappointment at Sainsbury’s ‘job’ opportunities?

When they announced something in the region of 450 new jobs maybe we should have been asking what that amounted to in whole time equivalents.

Many of these vacancies are 12-16 hours per week only.

I enquired if one could apply for more than one job in order to make it up to full time and was informed one could not do so.

What possible opportunities does this give the residents of Whitby to earn a decent wage on which they can live?

Most of the vacancies are minimum wage and I would like to ask the directors of Sainsbury’s how many of them could live on a 12-16 hr contract on minimum wage.

For those on benefits they may be able to work and maintain their benefits but surely our aim is to get people off benefits and earning an income on which they can build their lives.

Michael Edwards by email