Disabled residents side-lined for tourists

Regarding your report on the cancellation of the 93 bus through Stainsacre, I would like to clarify one or two points.

The 93 bus does not stop at Summerfield Garage. The nearest stops to Stainsacre on the A171 are at Homebase and Hawsker Village.

In either direction it is nearly half a mile walk to get into Stainsacre Village - too far for elderly and disabled people to walk.

The Esk Valley bus operates a limited service, but only to Whitby.

We are now cut off from transport to Robin Hood’s Bay Doctors Surgery and to Scarborough Hospital.

On many occasions I have used the bus to get to appointments at Scarborough Hospitals’, what am I and others supposed to do now?

Has anyone in authority given a thought to what we are going to do when the winter comes?

Would you like your elderly mother or father having to walk nearly half a mile in a blizzard to catch a bus?

Can Arriva not use both single and double decker buses on this route?

I doubt when winter comes that the double decker buses will be carrying a full load.

Is this a case of the elderly and disabled residents of Stainsacre being side lined for the sake of the summer tourists?

I would like to add that there is no notice in our bus shelter to say this service was to be terminated.

I urge everyone to contact their Parish Councillors, Borough Councillors and Robert Goodwill, out MP.

Something must be done about this situation before winter comes.

Hilda Scaife, Stainsacre, Whitby