Dinosaur brigade deprive town of competition

Having just read the Fridays Gazette I note that once again we are entering into the Dinosaur re-enactment period with the help of your writer John Nock.

Just because S Harrison Developments were working for the TESCO proposal he does not want them to be granted permission to build the much needed houses in the town.

There are far too many people in this town who suffer from neophobia (Morbid fear of change), their plated cry as always, “don’t allow supermarkets, don’t build new houses, we don’t want petrol stations, we don’t want food outlets like McDonalds, or KFC” what they fail to understand is that we are now living in the 21st century, without change we are getting left out in the cold when most town and cities are moving forward.

It is OK for those who sit comfortable in their ivory towers singing the old song “we don’t want this or that” think about the next generation, they desperately need homes, the population is growing on a daily basis, have a look out of your window, Whitby is no longer a little fishing village, it is quite a large town and it could be quite a prosperous large town if the Dinosaurs would wake up and look outside of their pathetic insular lives.

John Nock has heard the rumour that TESCO will be making another bid, well surprise surprise he should have been a detective, it is a foregone conclusion when a multimillion dollar company are interested in making an investment they are not going to let a knock back from a pathetic few unelected and unwanted local councillors who do not represent the interests of the majority of the electorate put them off.

When SBC refused TESCO with the help of Whitby Town Council they cost the town 93 Affordable homes, They deprived the local road users a chance of cheaper fuel by turning down the petrol station, they are costing all of us a fortune in our shopping bills because we are left with the Co-op which is the most expensive supermarket in the country, and what has happened to the ‘Victor’ in the great Supermarket war, Sainsbury’s? Still no sign of a start.

When John Nock warns us all to be sceptical about the “retail thug” I am more sceptical about the ‘neophobic insular dinosaur brigade who are depriving the town of badly needed competition.

James White, Rosedale Close, Whitby by email