Desmond Madden, Middleton Road, Bromsgrove

We came to Whitby last Friday and had a really good day.

We returned to the car in the afternoon and unfortunately my father in law fell onto the road by the main car park hitting his head and needed urgent assistance from the ambulance services.

What happened was something you people of Whitby should be proud of.

My wife was trying to bring her father around when - it seems out of nowhere - the road was being blocked and cars were being directed by two people who were passing.

An off duty police officer and nurse came giving first aid before the ambulance arrived - again being helped by the public.

I have to admit the help, support and general assistance was a credit to see and we would like to say a big thank you to everyone on the day for everything they did for us.

On a closing note my father in law was taken to Middlesbrough where he had a scan that was found to be fine apart from badly damaging himself and his pride.

I hope you print this as your town and people deserve a big thank you.