Delighted by plans of memorial boards

Our family are delighted to learn of the council’s plans to add more names to the memorial boards.

One of those names is my late Uncle Frederick Christie who was killed by a sniper on 26 June 1944 at the dreadfully costly battle for Caen, following the D Day landings in France, where our troops took a mauling by the Germans.

He was in command of a tank at the time. Commanders were very prone to sniper fire.

He was a sergeant in the Fife and Forfar regiment, 11th armoured division stationed in Whitby prior to the D Day landings. Freddie’s family were Scottish.

He was married to a local girl at St Hilda’s Church on the West-cliff in 1942.

This lady is my auntie Joan (nee Lancaster) who was then living at the Black Swan Inn on Baxtergate.

They had one child, Valerie Christie (my cousin) who was born in Whitby in 1943 and they are both still alive.

My mother, Peggy Evans (nee Lancaster, Joans sister), who is 92 years old and the former landlady of the Black Swan, read the article and it was she who saw Uncle Freddie’s name.

Aunt Joan, now living in Ripon, re-married in 1947 to a local bank manager the late Reginald Brown.

Valerie, is now living in Shropshire and is married to Neil Tasker, a retired company manager.

They are both eager to donate £50 each and have requested me to make inquiries as to how the cheques can be paid. I would be obliged for any information you may have.

I have informed auntie Joan of the plans to add her late husband’s name to the roll of honour.

She feels very proud to have her heroic husband’s name honoured in this way, he made the ultimate sacrifice for his country and his memory will never be forgotten.

Jim Evans, Meadowfields Court, Whitby by email