Deliberate fire-raising of rubbish bags

First, thank you to the unknown couple who alerted us (and presumably the Fire Service) at 12.45am on Wednesday 23 May to our four bags of refuse, put out at about midnight for recycling collection, were ablaze.

Thank you also to the Fire Service who were on the scene in minutes and efficiently limited what could have been a serious fire to a minor, although disturbing and disconcerting incident.

This was only the second time we have put refuse for collection overnight, but it is the third local incident of such deliberate fire-raising of refuse bins in bins or bags of which we are aware - although we understand there have been other examples in the area.

If the current proposals to require increased amounts of refuse being put out overnight for very early morning collection are implemented the risk of more such incidents will also increase, with, eventually, more serious consequences to property - or even life.

Jean and Parry Thornton, Church Street, Whitby