Debating site of war memorial

In reply to the article dated 9 November, Whitby town centre war memorial and the comments by Cllr S Smith.

There is no better place in Whitby for the memorial than the Dock End site.

It will be the first thing people see when they arrive by bus or train, it is at the heart of the town, so easy for people of every age to get to go pay their respects all year round.

Many people do use the Dock End site for other purposes granted, but that small area has been “taped off” since they erected the mast and hasn’t restricted any of them.

I very much doubt that any of the folk week performers will be dancing around it, as Cllr Smith puts it.

It will be in no way disrespectful to carry on those activities under the shadow of the stone.

As well as a symbol to remember those who fought and died for their country, it is also a symbol of the freedom they kept for us in doing so, so it is only right that other celebrations should be held near it.

As a veteran of the armed forces, I welcome the project and am fully behind its location.

There is really nowhere else it can go that would mean as much to the people of Whitby and the visitors that come here year round.

However, Cllr Smith is totally right in that it should go to public consultation, as it is for the town.

But I really so no huge objections being made to the chosen site.

Colin Winspear Windsor Terrace, Whitby by email.