Councillor should get facts straight

With regards to the sycophantic ravings from the mouth of councillor Graham, he really should get his facts straight before making such erroneous statements regarding the funding of the marina.

This was funded by a grant from Yorkshire Forward whose chief executive has worked tirelessly to find the money from the national purse and not, as he states, “council tax money”.

If he wishes to alienate hundreds of Whitby residents, visitors and boat owners alike then he has certainly helped to achieve this.

I may not be Whitby “born and bred” Mr Graham, but can well remember the upper harbour when Belle Island was nothing more than a smelly mud-bank and the home to rotting hulks, long before your time.

Your “small town” mentality will not help Whitby’s cause and potential investors will read your thoughtless comments with suspicion.

You do not represent my views and those who voted you onto the council should have known better.

Jim Evans, Meadowfields Court, Whitby by email