Conflict of interest

I notice that the North Yorkshire Moors National Park Authority has taken on board as an advisor a company called AMEC.

This company operates world-wide providing consultancy services to major corporations in mining and other activities such as oil and coal.

One company with which it has very close ties is the Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc in Canada, the world’s largest potash enterprise.

Believe or not the two companies also have common shareholders. So their links are very close.

To say that the information being provided by AMEC to the park authority and even distributed to the public is unbiased is a bit dubious to say the least.

AMEC have the interests of a major client to protect and anything they say which is detrimental to the cause of York Potash should be taken with a pinch of salt.

The park authority certainly should have known better than to employ the services of AMEC.

Kit Sismey