Common sense wins

Very pleased to hear common sense has won, ‘Let the bell ring out’ - it would be terrible if it was silenced just to appease some awkward and temporary visitors.

On a recent holiday I could hear St Mary’s church bell during the night and found it lovely.

As Mr Freeman the Mayor said, it’s a comforting sound, not a nuisance.

Surely it’s only a problem to grumpy people who overlook the beauty in most things?

Where I live I can hear a church bell during the late/early hours, so I do know what it’s like to hear them all year round.

It’s great that the beautiful and historic town hall is being looked after, may it be pigeon/rot-free and it’s bell continue to ring out.

PS - on the subject of silly complaints, there’s nothing wrong with Whitby’s cobbles. The phrase ‘brought into the 21st C’ is a euphemism for ‘Let’s ruin the character and heritage of a place, just because we can’

Sarah Denby, Fulton Road, Sheffield by email