Commendable treatment from the National Health Service

I am not in the habit of writing to you on the topic raised on Friday by your correspondent David Marshall and with which I agree wholeheartedly.

Perhaps I should be more ready to write. Perhaps my reticence helps to create or strengthen what is probably an inaccurate impression in the minds of those readers of yours who do not have first hand experience of our local national health Service.

I acknowledge that I am guilty of never writing about the commendable treatment that I have always received while a patient at both Scarborough and Whitby hospitals and from my local doctor’s surgery.

Your newspaper cannot be accused of presenting an unbalanced view if people like me do not write favourably to you about their experience. What is most disconcerting is the demoralising effect that the unbalanced reporting must have on those members of hospital staff who, as Mr Marshall says, are “dedicated, hard-working people who do not deliberately go out of their way to make things awkward for patients”.

From: Ernie Marsden, Coach Road, Sleights