Cobbles belong where they are

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Further to all the “palaver” over the cobble stones on the “auld” part of Church Street, am I wrong in remembering that, some years ago, the said cobbles were removed and replaced with modern day tarmac, and the ensuing protests, coming in thick and fast, resulted in the tarmac being quickly removed and replaced with our lovely cobbles?

I am a mobility scooter user myself and often go up that part of town and believe me, compared to some of the pavements I have to use, getting from Helredale Gardens down to town, the cobbles are a doddle.

I would hate to see anymore of Whitby’s heritage and quaintness being lost, the east side of our beautiful town is, I believe, what most of the thousands of visitors enjoy discovering, along with the 199 steps and St Mary’s Church and the Abbey ruins etc.

I am Whitby born and bred and proud of it.

I also remember walking up and down the cobbles in my younger days, wearing four inch stiletto shoes and along with my friends, having a good laugh whilst doing so.

The cobbles belong where they are so let them remain there.

Carolyn Witt, Helredale Gardens. Whitby, by email