Co-op parking problems

I have just received a parking fine for parking at the Co-op car park, although as many other people, I was within the time and purchased well over £20 worth of goods for two hours parking.

I have a copy of my receipt from the store and I have emailed the company issuing the fine with these facts and a copy of the till receipt.

I have not paid the fine!

Christine Chippindale

The Orchards, Goathland

I had exactly the same experience as the Rev Mark Edwards regarding parking near the Coop.

I had also paid for a two hour stay, left after 29 minutes and still received a £90 fine.

Having been away I was too late to pay the £45 early payment. I appealed to both the Co-op and the parking company and was asked to produce the ticket purchased on the day.

Strangely enough I do not collect my parking tickets as I have never considered it essential prior to the Co-op’s alliance with Civil Enforcement Limited.

Unlike the Reverend I paid the fine when I received a threat that bailiffs would soon be involved.

I also contacted the Co-op as a members’ card holder and a regular Co-op user, although since the event I have concluded that I cannot afford to shop there.

Ian Burke

Eton College, Windsor

Regarding your article regarding car park fines, I would like to say that I shop regularly at the Co-op and have never encountered a problem with the parking or otherwise.

The new system was explained to me by a helpful member of staff who was actually manning the machine at the time.

I personally find the free 45 minutes ample time for me to shop, even being elderly.

On the occasions I need to go into town I simply pay the £2 which is refunded at the checkouts.

Mrs S Hopper

The Ridings, Whitby