Co-op car parking concerns

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I think that most locals are now aware that the Co-operative store on Langborne Road allows its customers to park in its car park free of charge for two hours.

This car park is managed by Civil Enforcement Ltd of Liverpool who operate the car park using inadequate equipment.

The installed cameras which monitor entry and departure from the car park sometimes do not record a vehicle leaving the car park, resulting in the possibility of anyone returning to the car park the same day being charged for the whole duration.

Civil Enforcement Ltd send parking enforcement notices demanding £90 or £45 if the fee is paid within 14 days and inform you that if you don’t pay up within the stated time they will pass the debt to a recovery agency.

There is an appeal process stated on the bottom of the parking enforcement notice which informs you that you have to go on line to obtain the details, or there is also a telephone number given but if you contact that you will hear a message informing you that the line is buys and an operator will ring you back, so that’s fine if you have a computer and nothing to do but wait in for the phone to ring so you can inform them that their equipment has failed, but even then that will not be acceptable as all representations to them must be in writing.

It’s sometimes difficult to prove your whereabouts on a certain date but just about impossible to prove where a vehicle was (or was not, if you see what I mean) and under the Civil Enforcement Ltd process, somebody in an office in Liverpool will make the decision as to whether or not they believe your explanation of events.

What gives them a right to make a judgement as to whether money is owed and also have the right to involve a debt recovery agency without going through the legal system.

If your appeal is successful you will receive a confirmation of cancellation, without any apology for all the concern and time spent trying to avoid debt collecting agencies calling at your door and the possibility of your credit rating being affected.

Come to think of it who at DVLA had the right o pass our personal details to a commercial company operating on private land?

Needless to say that Civil Enforcement Ltd of Liverpool haven’t paid the account I sent to them for time spent gathering information, postage, etc, even though I did offer an early payment discount, I suppose it went straight into the bin, where is where I wish I had put theirs.

A Thomas, Fouracre Drive, Sleights