Christmas tree will be missed

Every now and again in this often frantic, crazy world of ours, full of riots, ”slightly” suspect politicians, bankers throwing away billions of our money, war, poverty and starvation; something happens that makes you smile and makes you feel good.

For me it was an encounter with a Christmas tree on the roadside between Whitby and Pickering About three years ago. Someone had stopped off and draped it in odd pieces of tinsel and a few baubles.

As the build up to Christmas continued, every time I drove past more and more decorations had been added until, rather jealously, I realised it was more decorated than my own.

Over the years whenever it started to look a little bedraggled people seem to have tended it and returned it to its multi coloured tinsel waving glory, even adding a few parcels and the “piece de resistance” solar powered lights, so it twinkled away even in the dark.

I am sure I am not alone in the happiness I felt, after last year’s harshest of winters, the destructive swathes cut by a multitude of snowplough blades and the sheer depth of piled up snow, to see our spirit of Christmas gradually emerge dishevelled but still bedecked in its red, gold and silver finery.

I have spoken to many people over the last couple of years who have always made a point of looking out for the tree, people with children who would settle down in the car until they to had seen it and the many people for whom, like me, it just made them smile!

I started off by mentioning some of the bad things that happen in this sad world of ours and sadly have to add to it that on or about 26 September someone chopped down the A169 Christmas Tree and two others which were trying to emulate it.

On the one hand sad but it’s just something else we have come to accept as normal from today’s culture. You will be missed.

Michael Norman, Field View, Lythe by email