Christian Aid Week

Year by year the people of Whitby and nearby villages respond so generously to Christian Aid Week.

This year the amount raised was £4,797.61 of which £1,126.95 was Gift Aid - a wonderful result.

The Whitby house to house collection raised £3,439.17 (Gift ~aid £762.67) and from the villages of Aislaby, Littlebeck, 
Newholm and Sneaton £766.04 (Gift Aid £274.28).

The Anglican, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches in Sleights raised £228.50 (Gift Aid £90).

The Sleights and Salvation Army coffee mornings raised £133 and the shop collections in Sleights and Whitby £230.90.

In the 23 years I have been organising this collection I have been encouraged by the dedication of those who collect and organise events, many now in their 70s and 80s and those who gave so generously. I am very grateful for this support.

Many thanks to everyone.

Joan Barker

Christian Aid Week