Chaos at the already chaotic bus station

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Which bright spark decided to dig up the Scarborough bus lane in the middle of the school holidays and regatta weekend?

Passengers were just standing everywhere, the buses were running really late (the norm)and when a bus meant for Scarborough arrived, the people were told that it was only going to Hawsker and Robin Hoods Bay.

Everyone got off and a few dashed over the road to make sure they got a seat on the Scarborough bus that had pulled up outside Boyes (Health and Safety take note , this is a real bus issue).

Visitors haven’t a clue where to stand for their buses, would it be too much to ask for signs to be stuck on the side of each shelter so that people know?

North Yorkshire County Council please take note.

There again, because the buses tend to pile up at times, they have to pick up wherever there’s a space - hopefully people get on the right one.

Where are the inspectors to sort out this joke of a bus station?

Why is it left to the already stressed bus drivers to calm things down?

We obviously need a bigger, organised bus station, this is a year round problem and a real embarrassment for Whitby tourism.

Janet Myers, Albion Terrace, Whitby