Change, change, change!

Now I ask you, isn’t life confusing enough.

We are now informed we must not refer to Cornish pasties as such unless made there. Whatever next?

So, do I have to travel over to Ireland to make a pan of Irish stew or to Scotland to make a pan of kiel. Where did Sally Lunn live? Suffering suffercats,

Haven’t we been through enough change?

They change our money to ensure we don’t know how much we are spending or receiving. Changed all goods to metric system to ensure we don’t know how much we are buying. Changed the districts so we don’t know where we are living. Changed miles to kilos so we don’t know how far we are going or where to - Middlesbrough used to be in Yorkshire.

BT - Before Thatcher. Now it’s numbers instead of names, so we don’t know who the dickens we are. Try phoning any government department, medical department, gas, electric etc, they want to know your number. Before long they will have the priest at the front saying, I name this child 2813167. Cornish pasties!

What about Yorkshire puddings and where does Aunt Bessie live?

In August 2012 I will celebrate the fourth anniversary of my 20th birthday and I will still ask for a Cornish pastie, one pound of stewing meat and half a pint of Guinness. What will they do? Put me in prison? Fair enough, as I’ve said before, it’s a wonder we aren’t all breaking in, never mind them breaking out.

Mary Marsden Storr, Runswick Avenue, Whitby.