CEO’s salary put before services provided to hard-working people of Whitby

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Here’s an idea to reflect the salary for the new CEO of Scarborough Borough Council, when they are appointed.

I understand from your columns that the to-be advertised post will have a salary of approximately £110,000.

Let’s take a ball park figure of £1,000 for each home council tax.

Maybe a photograph could be taken of 110 householders and the families they have to support, all stood together in one place.

Perhaps all on the Swing Bridge would be a good location?

This would show how many people have to dig into their own hard-earned incomes/savings just to pay one person’s advertised salary.

Perhaps the new chief executive, when appointed, could be presented with a copy of the photograph to hang in a front room.

The appointed one could then reflect and pay tribute, on a daily basis, to the number of people required to support his/her high standard of living, before any local, much-needed, long overdue and long-since lost services are provided to the hard-working people of Whitby.

Geoff Cooling