Can Whitby accommodate a wind farm?

I read the leading story, Whitby Gazette, 4 February, regarding the Dogger Bank Wind Farm with interest, as a supporter of sustainable energy.

It is heartening to think that Whitby could benefit from this potential investment and the employment that this would generate.

However, the question must be asked - is Whitby harbour in a suitable condition to accommodate the wind farm industry’s needs? The access alone is difficult to negotiate, through the pier extensions in poor weather, not to mention the rickety old swing bridge, hundreds of thousands of pounds has already been spent on replacing the gear mechanism etc etc.

Is Scarborough Borough Council going to continue to throw good money after bad? Although the bridge is over 100 years old, it is not a thing of beauty, in my humble opinion. Perhaps SBC will spend the £300,000 of Yorkshire Forward Funding money, left over from the completion of the marina, (which was some considerable time ago), and dare I say it, put it towards a much needed new bridge? Hopefully one with a design that is utilitarian, aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the surroundings. We can dream.

And yes, I am Whitby born and bred and would love to see our dear old town have something good to come its way, giving jobs and prosperity to many. Hopefully SBC will do the right thing for the town - it would make a refreshing change would it not?

Positivity from Whitby Town Councillors would be welcomed, it shouldn’t be a case of “What we CAN’T do, but What we CAN do.” And it should be remembered that not everyone who resides in the town is in the tourism industry.

I’m very interested in the “big plans“ that the Harbour Board has for Whitby harbour, I wish them well and good luck....

Sue Evans by email - awaiting address