Camper vans take up too much space

Camper vans parked overnight with people sleeping in them is one thing for the council to tackle but as your cartoon of a few weeks back indicated, at times you can hardly see the sea from the West Cliff during the day because of the wall of tourers that congregate on North Terrace and North Promenade.

As it is, parking in Whitby is always difficult without having commercial sized vehicles taking up the space of two family cars. Even then some drivers of family cars seem to have difficulty in parking by leaving a reasonable space between other cars to allow others to park, instead they leave more than half a car’s length between their car and the next one.

A few pots of paint would solve both these problems – boxes painted on the carriageway the size of a normal car with penalties for parking outside the box would prevent large vehicles from parking and would provide spaces for far more cars than is currently available due to inconsiderate and incompetent drivers.

Steven Beasley, Hawsker, Whitby