Camper van free for all

As the traditional holiday period is imminent the news is that the area around Crescent Gardens has yet again become a campsite, picnic ground and a dog exercising patch.

Below is an image taken last weekend when the camper van in question, along with eight others, are again parking on the roadside for a number of nights.

It is some months now since the local authority posted permanent notices informing the owners of such vehicles that was to be no overnight roadside parking, likewise the same restriction applying in the car park by the pavilion and those ignoring this restriction would be issued with a fine.

Such control lies with the traffic wardens of whom it now seems there are only two for the Whitby area and they continue to issue fines to local residents for breaching parking restrictions whilst these camper van owners continue their free for all.

Once again Scarborough Borough Council is failing to support its residents and the so called restrictions are as weak as the management within the authority responsible for this control.

Dr Philip E Dunn

Royal Crescent, Whitby